cheesed off

cheesed off
greatly annoyed; out of patience

had an exasperated look on his face


felt exasperated beyond endurance

Syn: ↑exasperated, ↑browned off
Similar to: ↑displeased

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fed up, disappointed, bored, depressed, discontented, disgruntled, dissatisfied, annoyed, disgusted
COLLOQ. brassed off, browned off, hacked off, sick and tired
SLANG pissed off; N Am pissed
contented, happy

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Etymology: probably from past. participle of cheese (III)
slang chiefly Britain : extremely discontented : very indignant

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cheesed off
(also cheesed) fed up, disgusted, disgruntled
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Main Entry:cheese

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cheesed off UK [ˌtʃiːzd ˈɒf] US [ˌtʃizd ˈɔf] adjective british informal
feeling annoyed or disappointed about something
cheesed off about:

She sounded really cheesed off about it.

Thesaurus: feeling angry or annoyedsynonym feeling disappointedsynonym

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/ˌʧiːzdˈɑːf/ adj [more \cheesed off; most \cheesed off]
Brit informal : angry or annoyed

feeling a bit cheesed off

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ˌcheesed ˈoff adjective not before noun \cheesed off (with/about sb/sth) (BrE, informal)
annoyed or bored

He's cheesed off with his job.

Word Origin:
[cheesed off] early 19th cent. (in the archaic phrase cheese it, used to urge someone to stop doing something): of unknown origin.

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